Strategic planning and policy

CAR provides evidence-based policy advice that can guide urban change and promote beneficial development.

CAR expertise in strategic planning includes masterplanning large-scale new communities, securing high standards of design and sustainability and ensuring the timely provision of appropriate social, physical and environmental infrastructure. We also have expertise in managing the historic environment and in developing strategies for landscape and green infrastructure.

We provide strategic policy advice and research to international agencies, national governments, regional partnerships, local authorities and the private sector. Our research informs urban planning, land use and transportation, housing, risk mitigation, economic development, funding, infrastructure provision, sustainability and climate change.

We anchor our advice in a thorough understanding of how people will react to a policy initiative. This may involve researching user reactions through surveys and modelling. 

There are strong overlaps with other CAR areas of expertise, particularly in energy conservation and risk management. CAR consultants are helping clients, including city authorities around the world, to respond to climate change and to prepare and guard against natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and floods.

Local authorities

We can assist local authorities in developing a vision for their area through the preparation of local plans. We can also assist in negotiating complex large-scale developments, and providing an ongoing design review of major projects.


We have extensive experience of developing creative interaction with local communities, and can provide independent facilitation for community workshops and public meetings. Skilled facilitators provide timely and focused advice which enables clients to meet their objectives in a cost-effective manner.


We can provide strategic advice on how to respond to the changing political environment, and can assist in communications with local planning authorities and in facilitating positive interaction with local communities. We can act as a ‘critical friend’ in internal design reviews and in advising on the appointment of design teams.


We can help teams develop a vision for a large-scale or complex new development, particularly in the early stages of scheme development. We also design quick applied research methods to provide an evidence base for masterplanning development.


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