Who we are

William Fawcett


William is an architect with 30 years experience in conservation practice and the preparation of heritage reports and conservation plans. He specialises in the management and delivery of complex consultancy projects. William is a CAR Director.

Helen Mulligan

MA DipArch MBA PhD

Helen Mulligan has been a director of CAR since 1990. Her role has been in business development and project management of research and consultancy in both public and private sectors. Her expertise is in climate responsive design; natural systems for commercial buildings; energy efficiency in the building stock; energy policy and emission permit trading; application of financial theory to sustainable decision making; and client consultation techniques.

Stephen Platt


Stephen Platt is a social scientist with experience in urban planning, housing, energy use and post-disaster reconstruction. He has been studying disaster management and recovery since 2006 and has conducted case studies in more than a dozen countries hit by natural disasters of earthquake, storm and flood. 

Laura Montanini

MSc(Arch) Rome, OAR, RIBA

Laura Montanini is a Chartered Architect with more than twenty years international professional experience. She has developed expertise in a wide range of disciplines, including architectural design, interior design, project management and acoustics. She has worked in collaboration with world-leading designers and architects, such as Ingo Maurer ( www.ingo-maurer.com/en/ ) and Ron Arad ( www.ronarad.co.uk ).

Laura has a background in music education and for over fifteen years has worked closely with acoustic specialist Francesco Pellisari, jointly developing design solutions that combine acoustic comfort, sound quality and architectural excellence – often in buildings with a history of severe acoustic problems.  She has solid experience in cross-disciplinary integration and teamwork in construction projects.

Laura joined CAR in 2018.